Kevin the verbose (veilofgrey) wrote,
Kevin the verbose

Taking it slowly

I am still shooting, just taking things slowly. I work for Chrysler and the place is on fire right now. I am looking forward to leaving the auto industry, hopefully under my own steam. The stress that comes from wondering if one will be laid off has caused me to be a little less than enthusiastic about setting up sessions. I'm finding it hard to commit to anything right now because of it.
However every now and again, I find myself behind the camera; happily stress free, wondering how anything could make me forget how much fun I have doing this. After the shoot with palegothgoddess I worked with new models Jacqueline, Tay Gibbs, and an old favorite Kristi. All fun and with distinctly different carriages on film. I have a second shoot with Tay Gibbs this Sunday. We are going for a semi-erotic feel so it should be fun for us both.
Anyway here is a shot of Kristi all angelic and glowing like she does:

Please critique as you will.
Photographer: veilofgrey/Kevin the verbose
Model: Kristi
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